Who we are

Our History

When Mels, our founder, started his Amazon eCommerce business in 2014, he soon realized that to thrive on Amazon, data is essential. Mels has a background in tech, marketing, and sales, and a passion for algorithms, data science, and human behavior. His journey to reverse engineer the algorithm and predict its next moves based on Amazon analytics started pretty early on.

This led to the development of software tools that were not available in the market. Partly driven by the passion to understand and predict, and mainly to help his brands thrive on Amazon and other eCommerce channels.
With multiple 9-figure in sales and in partnerships, and involvement in over 1000 Amazon product (re)launches and listings that together grew with over 1 billion USD in yearly sales over the past years, Mels became a trusted source for multiple big brands to help figure out their next moves.

In 2018, he was involved in starting an invitation-only Mastermind group, where the software tooling, Amazon analytics, and developed strategies played an important role.
In 2022 he decided to open the doors, in line with the evolving Amazon algorithm, and eCommerce as a whole.

It is Intellivy’s passion to translate decades of marketing fundamentals into strategies and know-how that is ready to use for Amazon sellers. In the past 8 years these fundamentals were neglected by the majority of eCommerce sellers, simply because they were not needed.

What makes Intellivy the Best Tool for Amazon Sellers?

As an Amazon seller, you are aware of the changes that are happening in the market. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to think ahead and anticipate where the market is headed. With our poll platform and a member base of 28,000,000 members, you have an incredible opportunity to position yourself as a leader in this new era of eCommerce.

At Intellivy, we can help you achieve your goals by giving you access to our extensive network of real consumers. With our assistance, you can optimize your Amazon product listings, validate your product ideas, and leverage analytics to make data-driven decisions that will boost your sales. By working together, we can help you become the next generation of eCommerce dominators.

What we do

The development of this platform was inspired by our own experience of selling on Amazon, and it helps users test their products, product ideas, and Amazon-listing assumptions using an Amazon-specific environment. We have a variety of campaigns that you can use throughout the entire product life cycle. We offer you strategies, step-by-step manuals and guides to help you get the knowledge you need to skyrocket your Amazon business.

Benefits of using Intellivy:

Ecommerce Sales comes from traffic, and traffic from impressions.
Paid or organic search traffic: potential customers always see your product among similar competitor listings.

The big question is: How to get people to click on your product more than your competitors?

Intellivy helps you optimize, finetune and test in a simulated environment to get the best-performing product presentation possible.

With Intellivy you get access to a 28,000,000 member base and you will:

  • Learn what makes people click, with quantitative and qualitative analytics
  • Get ideas and create hypotheses with our step-by-step guidance
  • Validate your ideas to know what will work best for your product

No more gut feeling, but data-driven product presentations that ensure people will pick your product over your competitors.


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