Advanced Segmentation: The Bullseye Feature for Amazon Sellers

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The Bullseye Feature for Amazon Sellers


Picture this: You’ve meticulously crafted an Amazon listing for your latest product. Yet, despite the catchy title and stunning images, the traction is nothing like you expected, resembling a tumbleweed rolling across a desolate wasteland.

It’s a conundrum many Amazon sellers face when their marketing efforts cast too wide a net, missing the mark on resonating with the right audience.

Enter the hero of our story: Intellivy’s Advanced Audience Segmentation. This innovative feature is your secret weapon for precision targeting, ensuring your product listings capture the attention of shoppers who are most likely to convert into customers.

In this blog, we’ll unwrap Intellivy’s newest feature, how it revolutionizes the Amazon selling experience, and how to leverage it effectively.

The Game-Changer: Advanced Audience Segmentation

Overview of the Feature

Intellivy’s Advanced Audience Segmentation is a tool designed with precision in mind, allowing Amazon sellers to fine-tune their focus on specific groups of potential customers. It provides a suite of options to select from, like age, gender, location, relationship status, purchasing habits, and many more, which can be tailored to match the profile of your ideal consumer. This feature is a practical approach to marketing. It’s about the steps you can take to ensure your product is seen by the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Key Benefits

Intellivy’s Advanced Audience Segmentation equips Amazon sellers with actionable and strategic targeting tools. By dissecting broad customer data into actionable segments, sellers can:

  • Directly target the most likely buyers: Reach out to consumers who have the highest propensity to purchase your products based on their past behaviors and preferences.
  • Optimize product listings: Fine-tune your product details to appeal to the specific tastes and needs of segmented customer groups.
  • Increase Conversion Rates (CVR): By appealing to a more relevant audience, your listings are more likely to convert browsing into sales.
  • Save on marketing costs: Cut down on wasted ad spend by targeting users who are more likely to be interested in your offerings.
  • Gain better insights: Understand the unique characteristics and desires of different segments, leading to more informed business decisions.

#AmazonHack — Discovering Your Audience: Uncover Who’s Really Clicking ‘Buy’

Amazon Brand Analytics offers you an easy hack when you want to identify who is buying your products, and how you can reflect this in your poll segmentation.

This feature is available through Seller Central.

  1. Navigate to the Seller Central dashboard, go to the menu, and click on ‘Brands’, then ‘Brand Analytics’;
  2. Select ‘Consumer Behavior Analytics’ and go to ‘Demographics’;
  3. Browse through the categories such as age, income, etc, and use them as input for your poll segmentation.

Why Segmentation Matters

Depth, Precision, and Sales

In the realm of Amazon sales, depth of knowledge about your audience can illuminate patterns and preferences that are not immediately apparent. When you know not just who your audience is, but also why they make the purchases they do, you can craft messages that resonate on a deeper level. Precision in targeting is strongly linked to increased sales because it ensures that your marketing efforts are concentrated on individuals who have shown behaviors and interests aligned with your product offerings. This targeted approach can significantly enhance conversion rates, as your campaigns will be speaking directly to those with a predisposition to engage with your brand​.

From Broad to Bullseye

General targeting in marketing is akin to aiming for the whole dartboard in the hopes of hitting somewhere relevant. In contrast, segmentation is about aiming for the bullseye — reaching a smaller, but much more relevant, section of potential customers. Segmentation is crucial for making that vital connection with your audience. It’s about efficiency as well; by directing your resources to the areas where they will have the most impact, you are not only more likely to increase engagement and sales but also to do so with a better return on investment (ROI). This efficient allocation of ad spend means your marketing budget is not diluted across a broad, uninterested audience but is concentrated on the individuals most likely to convert​​.

The Power of Audience Insights

Picking the Perfect Audience: A step-by-step guide

​​Crafting a poll that mirrors the precision of your business strategy is essential. Here’s how you can navigate Intellivy’s segmentation feature to pick the perfect audience:

  1. Identify your target audience: Start by asking, “Who is my customer?” The clearer the image, the better the targeting.
  2. Choose Your Audience Type:
    1. Basic Audience: Quick and broad, choose this when you need a swift snapshot of general public opinion.
    2. Premium Target Audience: If your aim is to get feedback from a group that closely resembles your core customers, go premium. With over 140+ characteristics to choose from, you can get as specific as ‘tech-savvy sporty men’ or ‘dog owners aged 30-40 with kids’.
  3. Set your poll parameters: Select gender and age range for a Basic Audience or delve deeper for the Premium. Remember, the more specific the traits, the more granular the feedback.
  4. Understand the costs: More specificity means a higher price per vote. You’ll see this reflected at checkout.
  5. Run multiple polls if necessary: If your product appeals to different audiences, separate polls avoid diluting the results and ensure focused insights.

Building Up Traffic

Setting realistic expectations for gathering insights is crucial. The specificity of your segmentation can extend the time required to accumulate responses. A broad audience can provide quick feedback, often within hours. However, a highly specific Premium Target Audience will take longer as it requires careful assembly to match your detailed criteria. Keep in mind, the rarer your audience, the longer the wait.

Real-world Applications

Let’s look at practical scenarios:

  • A fitness tracker designed for tech-savvy, active men: A Premium Target Audience poll can help you fine-tune your main image or marketing message to appeal directly to this group.
  • A kid-friendly dog leash: By targeting dog owners aged 30-40 with children, you gain insights that can shape product development and marketing strategy.

Remember, for niche products, segmenting your audience during polling provides invaluable input that can lead to more tailored and effective marketing efforts. If you’re targeting multiple distinct groups, like ‘sporty tech enthusiasts’ and ‘elderly men monitoring cardiovascular health’ for the fitness tracker example, separate polls for each segment prevent a confusing overlap that could result in a poll targeting an unlikely combined niche.

Cost and Considerations

Basic vs. Premium

Choosing between Intellivy’s Basic and Premium Target Audience options is a strategic decision that hinges on the specific needs of your Amazon business.

The Basic Audience option is your go-to for speed and simplicity. It’s designed to deliver quick responses by segmenting only on age and gender, making it ideal for when you need a general sense of public opinion or are in a rush to get feedback. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for broad insights and can work well when you’re in the early stages of product development or when you’re testing a concept that appeals to a wider audience.

Use Cases for Basic Audience:

  • Gaining a general understanding of how a concept resonates with the public.
  • When time is of the essence, and you need rapid feedback.

On the other hand, the Premium Target Audience is a deeper dive into consumer insights, offering over 140+ characteristics to hone in on your exact customer profile. It’s the path you take when your product or service has a specific niche, and you want to ensure that every piece of feedback is coming from an individual who mirrors your actual consumer base.

Use Cases for Premium Target Audience:

  • Detailed polling on products like a fitness tracker for tech-enthusiastic sportsmen.
  • Specific insights from dog owners in their 30s to 40s who also have kids, regarding a kid-friendly dog leash.

Remember, the specificity of the Premium option means that polls take longer to complete and come at a higher price per vote, reflecting the increased value of the targeted insights.


Experience Advanced Audience Segmentation on Intellivy today. This tool isn’t just about understanding your market; it’s about anticipating and fulfilling your customer’s needs and desires. With this feature, you’re not just selling a product; you’re connecting with your audience in a meaningful, impactful way. So, take aim, and may your sales arrows always hit the bullseye!