Amazon Product Research: What Is The Best Way To Validate Your Products?

Amazon Product Research: What Is The Best Way To Validate Your Products?

To sell successfully on Amazon, you must always test your products before launch to save money on advertising and ensure the best possible customer conversion rates. In addition, testing is also extremely important in helping to see whether your product matches the needs of the consumers you are trying to target. You want to hit home runs with all of your new products, so how can you best be sure of this upfront?

Conducting market research on what to offer on Amazon greatly aids sellers in obtaining the desired revenues, with those that undertake product research being more confident that they have chosen a product that will sell well.

Completing research not only assists in identifying competitors but also reveals opportunities for sellers to distinguish from other sellers. Sellers that ensure adequate research and analysis of the Amazon Marketplace will be able to reduce the risk of making poor decisions and increase the likelihood of greater sales of their products on Amazon.

What Are The Ways To Validate Your Amazon Product Listing?

Several testing tools are available, including Amazon-internal A/B tests, polling via platforms such as Pickfu, split tests, and even live polls.

A/B testing or split testing

A/B testing commonly referred to as split testing, is a randomized experiment in which users are shown two or more variations of a webpage. Based on conversion rates, statistical analysis decides which page works better.

You can use this approach to create data-based business decisions. True. Not terrible at all, A/B testing. It might assist you in increasing your optimization from 80% to 90%. The main challenges arise as the percentage increases from 20% to 80%. Data forms the basis of A/B testing. These numbers are derived from traffic. The results of the A/B test will tell you next to nothing if there isn’t enough traffic.

You can’t do an A/B test if there isn’t enough traffic. And you cannot increase traffic without A/B testing. Rock meets obstacles.

First-click testing

Click testing, as the name implies, initially tracks what a visitor to your website or app clicks on first. Typically, data from many users are collected into heatmaps that highlight the most prevalent regions for first clicks.

First-click testing can assist you in identifying whether your user interface (UI) is effective. You may enhance your product page by using data from first-click testing, as it mainly focuses on the visual part of the listing.

The disadvantages of first click testing include the time and money required, while the advantages include simplifying activities, boosting productivity, and enhancing interface design and user experience (UX).

Live surveys and polls

When you experiment with live data in live surveys, you rotate versions of an element of your listing over time and compare the results.

It is important to note that live testing necessitates at least a few purchases every day. Otherwise, your test will not collect enough data to provide you with useful information. If you’re just starting off, this optimization strategy is probably not the best way to go.

Another disadvantage is that live testing takes weeks to collect data, and the findings are sometimes ambiguous. Most importantly, if a change fails to perform well, you risk losing sales, which may harm your Amazon search rating. When doing live experiments, proceed with caution.

Fortunately, developing a best-selling item is possible; it all starts with a new strategy.

Rapid testing in an Amazon-specific environment

You may validate your consumer listing selections with Amazon-specific tests, such as Intellivy’s Rapid Microtesting. Validation of listing options is an excellent way to improve your Amazon listings by experimenting with product content, images, and pricing.

Validating your product listing will help you to convert more listing visitors into paying customers.

  • Identify what works best for your consumers
  • Update your Amazon product listing appropriately
  • Gain insights to help you better interact with your audience

What if you could combine the best of the elements above, like Amazon-specific customer validation, and leave out the negative ones, like time-consuming focus groups and lack of data?

What is Rapid Microtesting And Why Is It The Best Way To Validate Your Products?

Rapid Microtesting is a simulated environment that lets you replicate Amazon’s environment. Your audience will see your primary image alongside those of your pertinent rivals. The quantity of stars, reviews, price, and bestseller badge will also be displayed. You can change these components to suit your circumstances properly. Your audience will be completely engaged in the Amazon experience and make the same decision when making an online purchase.

Intellivy’s RMT takes hours, whereas Amazon A/B testing can take months. Instant client feedback to ensure you don’t waste time. RMT uses an approach in which you evaluate your goods against your main rivals. This can help you discover how well your main image performs in comparison to your rivals.

This tool is the most efficient method for accelerating growth, increasing organic CTR, and achieving great ROI. With a membership base of 28,000,000 consumers from the United States, Intellivy simulates the Amazon buyer experience to provide an ultra-realistic portrayal of how your product would perform in the real world.

Quick and accurate results

Unlike other traditional options, one of the most compelling benefits of rapid microtesting is its speed. You don’t have to wait months to understand your customers. When you validate your listings with rapid microtesting tool, you’ll get accurate results and insights within minutes.

Amazon-like environment

You may confirm listing choices with Amazon-specific campaigns that simulate the Amazon Marketplace. It allows you to test numerous components of your listing, such as color, image, and price range, all while keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Large member base

Our member base consists of 28,000,000 US consumers. Incorporating them in decision-making at any point, whether for product development or listing optimization, is critical.

Sales insights

Intellivy provides critical expertise focusing on greater sales with less uncertainty, from listing optimization to product sourcing and development — with Intellivy’s big member base available to help validate your decisions. It simplifies the entire process by providing actionable insights to help you optimize your Amazon product listings.

Why Intellivy?

After years of building our membership and fine-tuning our tool, we have now made it available to help you with the marketing challenges you experience as an Amazon Seller.

Our members provide their candid opinion, and aren’t scared to tell you where you can improve. It will help you develop a solid foundation for your Amazon brand, surpass the competition, and increase your CTR.

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