Amazon Seller Guide: How to Launch and Thrive in Lucrative Global Markets

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One of the most fascinating aspects of the e-commerce marketplace is that it truly has a global reach. Even if you’re currently focused on selling solely in the United States, embracing the potential in different regions is vital for expanding your seller’s horizons. And when it comes to the hotspots of consumer demand, Intellivy has expanded its marketplace simulation to include the hottest markets. The UK, Japan, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and Germany are the best places to start your expansion and now you can access consumers in these regions via the Intellivy platform. Whether you’re contemplating venturing into new territories or struggling to find success in existing ones, we’ll guide you through opportunities, obstacles, and best practices for conquering global markets as an Amazon seller.

Expanding Your Amazon Selling Potential to Global Markets

As an Amazon seller, you’re likely familiar with how much the global e-commerce space is growing. For reference, the US market is set to reach 1.3 trillion dollars by 2028, and Europe isn’t far behind. Consumers continue to make purchases online through the ease of their smartphones and it doesn’t seem like that’s slowing down anytime soon.

Additionally, Amazon continues to promote expansion opportunities in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and other emerging markets. Why? It allows you to diversify your sales, taking advantage of peak seasons in other countries and expanding your reach globally. Plus, with more than 200 million paid Prime members in the world, the logistics of selling through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) are often taken care of. Amazon alone has 176 million monthly unique visitors in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. It’s far from a siloed shopping space for US consumers. 

Two of the most robust global marketplaces are Germany and the UK, both showing growth similar to the US. Germany has one of the largest e-commerce markets, raking in 141.2 billion sales in 2022. That’s an increase of 11% from the prior year. The UK is expected to reach more than 280 billion in 2024, and is targeting 750 billion by 2029. Just these two additional regions have real data that showcases significant room for growth in the coming years — and sellers can capitalize on that. 

The bottom line: If you’re only selling to US consumers, you’re leaving money on the table.

An Amazon case study with Plugable highlighted how an American entrepreneur grew his US business to Europe. “As you’re looking at expanding outside of the US, the European marketplace is the next biggest market that’s culturally close and covered really well by Amazon,” Bernie Thompson says. “Within about a year after we launched in the UK, we had reach[ed] across 26 countries in Europe,” he says. “And all we had to do was ship our goods to the UK and create listings in those marketplaces.” Truly, the possibilities are endless! 

How to Overcome the ‘Fear Factor’ of Launching Abroad

Whether you’re selling globally already and not seeing success, or you’re hesitant to begin, we get it. Operating in a market you’re unfamiliar with brings its own unique challenges and biases.  Add in a language barrier and it can feel downright impossible to sell to different audiences. But, it is possible with the right tool: Intellivy.

Intellivy’s Amazon Market Simulation makes it easier than ever to understand new audiences and garner insights from real consumers in those specific areas. Intellivy removes the barriers that get in the way of how you speak to your customers, literally and figuratively. As a seller, you want to understand and become fluent in the ways your consumers speak, how they think, and address their pain points — all of which come together to make purchase decisions. This platform helps you develop your customer fluency with both your current consumer and beyond.

This means you no longer have to guess what a potential demographic wants — yes, even customers in markets you’ve yet to tap into. Instead, Intellivy provides feedback from consumers (a pool of 55M) in many markets, including America, Germany Mexico, Canada, Japan and the UK. This data helps to remove that guesswork and offers you clear direction for how to sell your products. By understanding consumer behavior, you can approach a new market with confidence and precision.

Best Practices for Selling Products Internationally on Amazon

Expanding your e-commerce business into new territories requires careful planning and thoughtful consideration. Let’s explore a few key best practices to help you navigate the path to success when expanding your selling potential. 

  • Conduct Market Research: Before diving into a new region, it’s important to understand the different consumer preferences, purchasing behaviors, and cultural nuances. Dive into relevant market trends and do competitive research just as you would with your current listings. From here, you can determine which products are worth selling internationally.
  • Partner With the Right Platform: Gathering data and insights from potential consumers is essential for a successful journey. Intellivy’s Amazon Market Simulation has an expansive pool of 55 million consumers. Get real-time feedback from expansive customer bases to help drive your decision-making. Then use Amazon as your foundational marketplace tool to help simplify the logistics of global seller accounts. 
  • Tailor Product Offerings: Customizing your product(s) to suit local preferences and buying behaviors is essential to increasing sales. This could include adjusting features, pricing, imagery, and copy to better meet consumer needs. After all, customers have individual preferences and buying patterns. If you’re unsure where to begin, Intellivy allows you to conduct polls to select between all of these factors so when it comes time to launch, you’re confident in your listing.
  • Anticipate Possible Challenges: Being proactive is key for sellers. One prime example of a possible challenge when selling to a European market is the VAT, a European sales tax that you will have to comply with. Fortunately, Amazon does offer a service to help you through this. Another factor to consider is if your product needs any changes or updates for a new marketplace. For example, is it compatible with international plugs and sockets? 

How Intellivy Empowers Selling Internationally with Confidence 

Now that you have the understanding and foundation to launch abroad, here’s how Intellivy can help you do it with confidence. Their suite of tools brings to life consumer preferences in different countries, transforming your approach to selling internationally. Below are just a few ways they can support your customer fluency both in the US and beyond!

  1. Targeted Market Feedback: Intellivy enables precise selection of marketplaces for feedback, allowing seamless customization of products and listings that are tailored to specific countries and demographics. Wherever you’re selling from, you’ll be able to select exactly which marketplace you’d like feedback from. Nothing is one-size-fits-all, and Intellivy understands that.
  2. Automated Market Insights: Depending on which marketplace you selected, Intellivy’s platform can automatically imports data directly from that ASIN and country’s listing. This can include images, ratings, reviews, and metadata for comprehensive comparisons. From there, Intellivy’s AI component elevates your product research and feedback. Transform a basic keyword like “spatula” into various scenarios highlighting that specific marketplace’s consumer pain points. Everything is automatically translated to ensure both you and the native consumers are sharing information authentically. 
  3. Customized Consumer Feedback: Determine how you’d like your product or listing presented to potential customers in different regions and marketplaces, focusing on exactly where you’d like feedback — product design or pricing features, for example. No need to worry about the influence of other listing components, such as an image or keyword. This approach ensures you gather relevant feedback that will enhance your international selling strategy — and that it’s customized to consumers from your territory. 

See our platform in action below:

Expanding your market and selling internationally can be overwhelming to consider, but the benefits can easily outweigh the concerns. Trust in your product and research and use Intellivy to build your confidence when selling to new consumers. While you might not speak their language, Intellivy will do it for you – and provide invaluable consumer feedback as your business grows.