Understanding ‘Framing’ and ‘Bias’ to Win at Rapid Microtesting and Skyrocket Your Amazon Business

The key to achieving solid results with Rapid Microtesting is understanding the concepts of ‘framing’ and ‘bias.’ Without at least a basic understanding of ‘framing’ and ‘bias,’ you will not reach your full potential as an eCommerce entrepreneur. Implementing framing correctly and eliminating bias completely are integral parts of Intellivy’s philosophy. Intellivy has managed to […]

Why A/B testing sucks and what to do instead

It’s not a secret that Intellivy loves data. One way to retrieve data is by A/B testing. It can be a great tool to learn more about your customers’ preferences. However, Intellivy isn’t a fan. Here’s why and what to do instead. What is A/B testing? A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a […]

The Story Behind Intellivy, the Best Tool for Amazon Sellers

Image Intellivy members

To survive in the world of Amazon, you must always be a few steps ahead: outpacing the competition and the algorithms. We’re already there, and our goal is to assist sellers who are ready to join us in this new era of e-commerce. Intellivy was created with a goal to make Amazon sellers more skilled […]

Rapid Microtesting — The key to a successful Amazon ecommerce business


Whether you are new to Amazon or you are a big-league Amazon entrepreneur, these two questions live rent-free in your mind: “Am I better than my competitors?” And: “How do I beat my competitors?” This thought process started Intellivy’s tool Rapid Microtesting — a way to understand your customers while beating your competitors. All with […]