Reviving Dead Listings on Amazon: Strategies for Success

Blog Post Revive Dead Listings

Unlock the secrets to reviving ‘dead listings’ on Amazon with insights from expert seller David. Learn about the metrics of performance, customer-centric strategies, and a step-by-step approach to breathing life into underperforming listings.

Product Idea Validation: Ensuring Success In A Competitive Market

Pre-market product validation

Validate your product idea with Intellivy’s data-driven solution, the Product Validation Marketplace Poll. Gain valuable insights to make informed decisions, save time and money, and create products that resonate with your audience. Avoid common pitfalls and ensure success in a competitive market. Start now!

How to Combine AI and eCommerce for Success

Discover how the integration of AI and eCommerce is revolutionizing the online shopping landscape. Explore the power of Virtual Marketplace Testing, AI-powered polling, and the benefits of Intellivy’s AI Summary in optimizing your product and enhancing your competitive edge. Step into the future of eCommerce with AI and unlock new levels of success.

​​Stand Out and Convert as an Amazon Seller

First Impressions Matter There’s something to be said about the old adage of never getting a second chance to make a first impression. While the saying’s been used so much it’s now a cliche, it still doesn’t mean the phrase is any less true: first impressions matter. The Amazon Marketplace Frontier This concept has never […]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Online Consumer Panels for Amazon Market Research

What is a consumer panel? As an Amazon entrepreneur, understanding the needs and preferences of your customers is crucial to your success on the platform. However, collecting feedback from a representative sample of potential customers can be challenging and expensive. This is where online consumer panels* come in. Online consumer panels, such as those found […]

How Virtual Marketplace Testing can Solve the Amazon A/B Testing Conundrum

In the world of eCommerce, Amazon is the undisputed king. As a matter of fact, it’s not even an exaggeration to say Amazon is the face of the eCommerce world. With this type of visibility, Amazon has almost unlimited resources, power, and influence to maintain its reign well into the future. So where does this […]

5 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

Amazon has long been the undisputed leader in e-commerce. The marketplace continues to attract enthusiastic sellers, which suggests that it will only see further growth. The digital market is ever-changing, and maintaining a competitive Amazon listing is becoming increasingly difficult. That is why we’re bringing you this article: so you can discover the five best […]

Top questions for polls in Intellivy to boost your Amazon business

It’s no secret that here at Intellivy, we love data. So much so that we built a platform specifically for gathering and testing it. By creating an Amazon-like environment, we enable our users to gather data from our member base and test it to figure out exactly how they can (short-term) improve their product and […]