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For all stages of your product

At Intellivy, we discovered that the key to being successful on Amazon resides in sequential Rapid Microtesting. This concept can be used for all product stages: from sourcing and development to listing creation and optimization.

For every stage of your product, and for every campaign type, we rely on the key elements of Rapid Microtesting:


We have several different kinds of polls that you can use to get quick feedback on your Amazon listing.
Our most essential poll types are:

  • The Marketplace poll 
    This poll is designed to compare your product against your competitors in a realistically simulated marketplace. You get instant feedback and a ton of insights.

  • The Competitive Comparison poll
    Consider this poll as your online testing ground to test multiple images, titles, etc. to see what wins so you can start taking market share from your competitors.


Combining poll types and strategies, our intuitive dashboard will guide you through the steps to take to set up a project for your unique product. With a defined goal at the beginning, you will not only do polls but with these polls achieve better sales. Just by going through all the knowledge, we have there for you.

A few of the projects we have available for you:

  • Optimize your main image
  • Optimize your image stack
  • Validate your idea for a new product

Start your project at Intellivy, and we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

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