Stop the Guesswork

Consumers Insights to Identify Best Images

At Intellivy, we discovered that the key to being successful on Amazon resides in sequential Rapid Microtesting. This concept can be used for all product stages: from sourcing and development to listing creation and optimization.

For every stage of your product, and for every campaign type, we rely on the key elements of Rapid Microtesting. 
We have several different kinds of polls that you can use to get quick feedback on your Amazon listing.

Our most essential poll types are:

The Purchase Barrier Poll (DRAB)

With this easy poll, you will uncover consumer’s Dominant Reasons to Avoid Buying a specific product. 

Members will see one product only, so they will not compare it to competing products.

You can run this poll if your product is in the development phase or has already established a presence on Amazon. Understanding consumer objections enables you to strategically counter them, whether through adjustments in the product’s design, imagery, or other facets of the Amazon listing.

Unleash the potential of the Purchase Barrier Poll now, and turn consumer objections into selling points for your listing.

The Image Stack Poll

With this advanced poll, you can discover the highest-performing images for your image stack and two of your competitors. Determine the order that will optimize your conversion rate. Make the most of your campaigns and outshine your competition with Intellivy’s Image Stack Poll!

From your competitor’s image stacks you will learn:

  • What listing has the most compelling image stack?
  • What specific image is most convincing?

You can compare this information with your own image stack:

  • How does your image stack compare to the competition?
  • How convincing are your images compared to the competition?
  • Are your most convincing images in the front of your image stack?

The Marketplace Poll

Uncover the power of Marketplace polls with Intellivy and discover how you can use them to make better decisions around your products. With Intellivy’s simulated marketplace, you can ask questions in a realistic shopping environment, allowing you to receive more reliable answers than with traditional A/B testing. Choose from a range of elements to be included in your poll, such as star rating, title, badges and price — you decide what you want to be polled and what not.

With the Marketplace poll, you can see how your competitors’ products are perceived by real consumers, as well as how your own product is rated. The Marketplace poll offers a range of possibilities, such as finding out which features customers regard as essential for your product, or which title yields the best results, or the optimal price point for your product. Make the most of Marketplace polls with Intellivy and start using them to make better decisions on your products.

The Competitive Comparison Poll

The Competitive Comparison poll is an effective tool for testing different versions of your own product or main image against those of your competitors.

It’s the perfect way to ensure the new variant of your main image scores better than your current one before you make any changes in the Marketplace. The poll includes various elements such as star rating, price and title, so you can make sure you’re getting the best result. Try the Competitive Comparison poll today and get the answers you need to make the right decisions for your business.


Combining poll types and strategies, our intuitive dashboard will guide you through the steps to take to set up a project for your unique product. With a defined goal at the beginning, you will not only do polls but with these polls achieve better sales. Just by going through all the knowledge, we have there for you.

A few of the projects we have available for you:

  • Optimize your main image
  • Optimize your image stack
  • Validate your idea for a new product