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Intellivy is a strategic software platform. Through sequential rapid micro-testing, you will be able to understand your customers’ wants and needs more closely. This will allow you to develop products that resonate with your target audience and have a higher success rate when brought to market.

At Intellivy, we use psychological framing techniques to guide both the conscious and sub-conscious mind of our consumers. Our way of framing and asking questions allows you as a seller to get access to what really drives the decisions of your customers.

Next to traditional poll types (open questions, image comparison), Intellivy developed advanced poll types that give direct insights into the marketplace and your competition. To name a few: the Marketplace poll allows you to simulate the marketplace and poll your listing against your competition; the Comparison poll will show you how you can optimize your main image to make your listing stand out from the competition. All of these polls, done in the right sequence and with the right strategy, will help to skyrocket your Amazon sales.

Our member base consists of 300K+ U.S.-based online shoppers. Through training and accurate framing, we eliminate bias in our campaigns. This allows you as a seller to make data-driven decisions. We continuously work on keeping our audience educated, and measure their performance.

We will only charge you after your 30-day FREE trial ends. This means you have plenty of time to discover Intellivy, no strings attached. You can end your subscription before your free trial is over and you won’t be charged.

Yes, we use the industry-standard encryption protocol (SSL) to safeguard all of your personal information. Stripe’s payment processor is PCI-compliant, and your credit card information is not shared with the Intellivy servers directly.

For 39.99/ month for life, you will get access to our proven strategies, trainings, tooling, and our 320K+ U.S. memberbase. All aimed at unlocking your full Amazon potential. Subscribing now is a guarantee you will have first access to new tools, strategies and events in the future.

Prices start as low as $0.60 per answer, audience selection such as age and gender included. Other platforms have a starting price of $0.90 or even $1.00 per answer, and charge you extra for audience selection.

320k+ consumers are waiting to respond to your questions

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, or you have an entire team behind your e-commerce business, we have the right polling tool for you.

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Marketplace Poll

This poll is designed to compare your product against your competitors in a realistically simulated marketplace. You get instant feedback and a ton of insights.

Competitive Comparison Poll

Consider this poll as your online testing ground to test multiple images, titles, etc. to see what wins so you can start taking market share from your competitors.

Ranking Comparison

The user has to rank images to the best order based on the question.

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