How Main Image Optimization For Amazon Can Get You More Sales

The visuals in your Amazon listing are an important component of how a potential customer sees your product. If your product images are not the best, your Amazon listing has no chance of success. After reading this blog, you will have the means to ensure that your listing images are the best in your field and meet all Amazon product image standards.

We have prepared a practical guide on optimizing your main product image.

Learn how to improve your main image on Amazon by following technical rules and using customer feedback.

How to optimize the main image of your Amazon listing

  • Adhere to the Amazon image requirements. Before optimizing your images, ensure they are in the suitable file format. Avoid using BMP and TIFF images because they might cause problems when posted. Also, if the size of your product image exceeds 5 MB, it may display as an error when someone browses your product. The actual product in the image itself should fill at least 85% of the frame. Furthermore, all product images should have a completely white backdrop.
  • Optimize images for search and ensure they’re high-quality and informational. For example, incorporating keywords in your images’ file names and alt text can help guarantee their appearance in relevant search results.
  • Make your customers see themselves. It’s crucial to conduct psychographic research on your target audience. Your images will be more persuasive if you are aware of your clients’ income, beliefs, and pain points. You want potential customers to see how well your product suits their needs and lifestyles.

Validating your images in an Amazon-specific environment

The main image is the (online) display window of your store. Potential customers use it to decide whether they’re interested. It has to be inviting, and it should spark curiosity.

Within Amazon, everyone is constantly changing their display window. So you must regularly review whether your display window is still the most attractive and best fit for the customer.

Rapid micro-testing is a method of swiftly assessing multiple modifications to your Amazon main image to determine the bestselling alternative in minutes. In addition, this method gives you a comprehensive picture of the customer’s preferences regarding the main image and how it performs compared to your competitors.

  • Benchmark. A question must be posed in order to collect data. Your audience will respond to this question. Therefore, the question must be precise, succinct, and concrete to acquire useful information from the audience responding to your inquiry. In other words, does your query provide the information you need to understand your customer’s preferences?
  • Marketplace simulation. You may confirm listing choices with Amazon-specific campaigns that replicate the Amazon marketplace and allow you to test numerous aspects of your listing, such as color, image, and price range, all while keeping an eye on what your rivals are doing. We have our member base, and it is critical to include them in decision-making at any stage, whether for product development or listing improvement.
  • Product validation. You are traveling in the dark until you can implement winning strategies and determine which measures will increase conversion rates. To prevent guessing, confirm your listings by running Amazon-specific tests and comparing the results to guide your marketing. You can determine which works best for your target demographic when you validate your customer listing options.

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