How to Combine AI and eCommerce for Success

The AI Revolution

Of the vast number of technological advances developed over the last several decades, the advancement and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our daily lives stands to be one of the ultimate game changers for the foreseeable future.

There has been much written about AI in the past few years. You’d have to have had your head in the sand to not have seen something in the various forms of media talking about AI and its impact on us as individuals and as a society. As AI has moved from the sphere of labs and scientists and into the mainstream, AI has engaged our imagination, while also provoking a public discourse on its advantages and its downsides.

In all of this debate and noise, however, it can be easy to lose sight of what AI represents, and what its potential means to the world.

What is AI?

First and foremost, AI is synonymous with many ideas out there: machine learning, cognitive computing, automation, and a host of other terms that can sometimes distort the fundamental aspects of what AI truly is. As such, it can be helpful to understand what AI is beyond the hyperbole surrounding it. At its most basic level, AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence machines that are programmed to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. AI encompasses a broad range of techniques and approaches, with the ultimate goal of enabling machines to perceive, reason, learn, and make decisions.

The concepts of AI were once considered an elusive pipe dream that lend themselves more to the realm of science fiction than practical application in the real world, but the complex and constantly evolving field has made the transition from the theoretical into the actual. Today, AI is transforming our daily lives in ways that we sometimes might not even be aware of:

Automation and Efficiency – AI has revolutionized the field of automation by enabling machines to perform tasks previously assigned to humans. This has led to increased efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings in multiple industries.
Personalized Experiences – AI has allowed for the creation of personalized experiences in online shopping, entertainment, and social media.
Improved Customer Services – AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are now commonplace, leading to the enhancement of customer service interactions.

These areas represent just a small number of ways that AI is transforming industries and experiences around us. As both a concept and an actuality, AI is positioned to be a catalyst for revolutionary technological change and growth, affecting businesses both locally and globally.

This is especially true in the world of eCommerce.

AI and eCommerce: a Powerful Combination

While the transformative powers of AI have been felt in multiple industries, its impact within the eCommerce landscape is undeniable. eCommerce has always been on the leading edge of technological advancements, and its early adoption of AI is no exception. Amazon Marketplace and their contemporaries stake their continued relevance on emerging technologies, how those technologies will impact business, and the best ways to utilize the technologies to generate further profit.

The integration of AI is a perfect example of this.

Amazon is a marketplace that has utilized AI to enhance its operations and to improve the overall customer experience. To name but a few relevant integrations most sellers will recognize:

  • The Amazon Recommendation Engine
  • Customer Service integrations
  • Amazon Warehouse integration

Amazon wasn’t the only one to recognize the benefits of AI. Intellivy realized early on that AI was going to disrupt the eCommerce industry, and that the best way to serve our customers was to also be an early adopter of AI technology.

From Virtual Marketplace Testing to AI Integrations

Virtual Marketplace Testing and Intellivy’s poll types

Intellivy has always prided itself on our innovative spirit. From the very beginning, Intellivy was less interested in what had come before us than it was in blazing a trail forward. We looked at the eCommerce arena and knew immediately that for eCommerce sellers to succeed, they needed to be able to test their products and presence in an environment that comes close to the actual marketplace.

That’s why we developed the concept of Virtual Marketplace Testing. It allows eCommerce sellers to test their products in a simulated marketplace without affecting their actual Amazon numbers, products or listings. Having this testing ground gives sellers the opportunity to make informed decisions to enhance their business.

The concept of Virtual Marketplace Testing is behind most of Intellivy’s poll types. One of the main advantages is that it allows sellers to test changes to their product or listing before the changes will be set live. Some examples of our poll types:

  • The Image Stack Poll – This poll enables you to discover the highest-performing images on your listing and how they rate with the images of your competitors.
  • The Marketplace Poll – This versatile poll allows you to test your main image against your competitors, or to test your product idea before you start producing it. It not only helps you to benchmark, but it can also give you ideas on how to improve your product or main image.
  • Competitive Comparison Poll – This poll is an effective tool for testing different versions of your own product main image against those of your competitors. If your designer created multiple versions of an image for you, or if you want to try whether the image is better with or without packaging, the Competitive Comparison Poll will give you the answer.

When you create a poll with Intellivy, you go beyond regular polls or A/B testing software. Taking into account the marketplace, using customizable elements and intuitive wizards, you can create a poll to gain invaluable consumer insights to take you to the next level. With a consumer base of 28,000,000 ready to assist you, you can create a target audience to see how your listing stacks up against your competitors. Everything about the Intellivy solution is ready-made to give your business the boost it needs to gain an advantage over your competition.

How the AI summary will do the heavy lifting of poll analysis for you

Besides being innovative, Intellivy has always been a forward-thinking company as well. Given our footprint in the eCommerce space, it’s been to our advantage and the advantage of our clients to remain grounded in the present but anticipating the future. Technological trends shift daily, and Intellivy knows trends affect our eCommerce clients. This is why we readily saw how AI would represent a shift in the eCommerce world. It’s why Intellivy began the process of integrating AI into our system early on. The integration proved highly successful, particularly when it came to polling.

As you can imagine, after running a poll, you will receive a tremendous amount of data. Depending on the poll type you choose, you will get 2-7 data points per answer. So if you run a poll with 100 participants, there are literally hundreds of data points you have to sift through to find all of the information you’re looking for. Not with Intellivy AI. Once a poll is completed, our system delivers an AI Summary that gives you a quick overview of your product versus your competitors.

What to expect from the AI summary

Depending on the poll type, here are some of the insights you will get through the AI Summary:

  • A quick summary of what people like and don’t like about your product and listing
  • A list of positive and negative elements per product in the poll. This will allow you to understand what your competitor is doing better than you. Or why people consider your listing to be better.
  • A list of 5-10 actionable recommendations on how to improve your product and listing.

With all of the provided information, the AI Summary is a powerful tool to understand where you stand with your product and the best ways on which to capitalize on them.

Additionally, Intellivy’s AI integration includes a situation generator that can mirror actual situations encountered on Amazon Marketplace. This means that when you’re creating a poll, you don’t have to come up with a situation description yourself. By simply entering your product name into the corresponding field and then selecting Generate, our AI system creates three common scenarios and then allows you to select the correct one. By selecting an accurate situation description, you will help our members to put themselves into your customer’s shoes and answer your poll in the best way.

Get Ready for an AI-Powered Future with Intellivy

The AI revolution is here to stay. With Intellivy on your side, you can be assured that we are going to stay atop this growing trend to further assist our eCommerce customers. Intellivy knows AI and beyond can help your eCommerce business now and in the future. Let us guide you into this brave new world to help you achieve your goals.