How Virtual Marketplace Testing can Solve the Amazon A/B Testing Conundrum

In the world of eCommerce, Amazon is the undisputed king. As a matter of fact, it’s not even an exaggeration to say Amazon is the face of the eCommerce world. With this type of visibility, Amazon has almost unlimited resources, power, and influence to maintain its reign well into the future.

So where does this leave you and your business?

Amazon’s eCommerce Dominance and the implications for you as a seller

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’re one of the thousands of sellers out there who’ve hitched their wagon to Amazon’s star. Now, working with the largest online eCommerce organization in the world has its benefits, but you also know better than anyone that if you want to do business and succeed in the game of eCommerce, you’re going to have to dance to Amazon’s tune.

The limitations of selling on Amazon

This isn’t necessarily a one-sided relationship. Amazon knows its continued dominance is partially reliant on you and your competitors to generate revenue. This is why Amazon has tools in place to help sellers to grow their businesses. Unfortunately, there is a caveat when using these Amazon tools: some of the tools are predisposed to help larger sellers rather than small ones, and you have only limited access to your customer data. These facts of life make it difficult for your business to use “traditional” marketing tools for selling on Amazon.

Intellivy’s obsession with data

There is, however, a disruptor out there. A company that faced the same challenges you’re facing right now and found a solution that works with and around the Amazon system. Read further to learn about this David-type company, Intellivy, and how we found a solution to beat Goliath at their own game. A solution that can help you and your business do the exact same thing.

Intellivy grew out of your exact same situation. Intellivy knows your pain, because our founder, Mels Terlouw, suffered through it too. After starting his own eCommerce business in 2014, Mels struggled through the growing pains of working with Amazon before having an epiphany that changed everything: to gain an advantage in the Amazon marketplace, data was essential. Successfully leveraging his expertise for algorithms, data science, and human behavior, Mels created a set of software tools to study, predict, and forecast based on feedback from real Amazon consumers.

After experiencing much success with his solution, inspiration struck Mels. Rather than simply using his revolutionary tools for sole personal gain, Mels decided to use these tools to help other sellers accelerate their growth and profitability. And so, Intellivy was born.

Looking to make an immediate impact right out of the gate, Intellivy decided to tackle one of the greatest challenges experienced by sellers on Amazon: A/B testing.

Amazon Manage Your Experiments

A/B testing, also known as split-testing, is a randomized experiment where users are shown two or more variations of a webpage. From there, statistical analysis helps to determine which pages perform better.

In theory, A/B testing is a highly attractive way to test your product listings to generate sales and traffic and is made even easier by the Amazon Manage Your Experiments (MYE) feature. The MYE feature allows you to manage and track the entire experimentation lifecycle of your product and provides valuable insights to help make informed decisions about the features and functions of your product. For these reasons and more, A/B testing has proven to be extremely popular in the eCommerce space. There are, however, some details in the fine print of the MYE feature that warrant inspection.

If you’re a smaller seller on Amazon, maybe you’re looking to find an alternative to A/B testing that affords you all the benefits of testing without the rigid parameters imposed by Amazon. Likewise, if you’re a larger, more established seller, perhaps you’re looking to augment A/B testing by finding a tool that gathers data and insight into customer behavior, market demand, and other relevant factors.

If this sounds like your eCommerce business, this means you’re probably looking to find a solution to the A/B conundrum. That’s where Intellivy comes in.

Marketplace Simulation or Virtual Marketplace Testing with Intellivy

With a primary focus on helping your business, no matter the size, to succeed where it counts, Intellivy has developed a solution that works with and around A/B testing: Rapid Microtesting.

Intellivy’s answer to the A/B testing issue is a revolutionary step forward for eCommerce businesses on Amazon. We created a way to simulate the same scenarios offered by A/B testing without the rules favoring the large over the small. With Rapid Microtesting, your business can collect the same data from audiences that resemble your customer base and then turn around and use that same data to make informed decisions to enhance your business. The gathered data can tell you everything you need to know to improve your products/listings, generate more traffic, obtain higher conversion rates, and achieve more organic sales. Even better: through marketplace simulation, you will be able to test your listing or images in a realistically mimicked marketplace, without affecting your real numbers.

Amazon vs Intellivy testing: the differences

In addition to being able to achieve the same results as the larger eCommerce sellers, Intellivy’s solution also compensates by having none of the drawbacks of A/B testing:

  • Intellivy’s concept isn’t reliant on high-volume traffic to your site. No matter how much traffic your site generates, our solution works with you to gain insight to get to the heart of how to ensure a customer chooses your site over a competitor.
  • Data validation to help you know what is working on your listing before going live with the information. This means it won’t have a negative effect on data/traffic, and you won’t have to sacrifice revenue generation while you are engaged in testing.
  • Intellivy’s testing solution relies heavily on the concept of marketplace simulation. This means that your listing will be presented to the members in a realistically mimicked marketplace, which allows them to answer as if they’re making a purchase decision.

Amazon makes rapid changes to their algorithm, but Intellivy’s solution forecasts ahead to ensure you’re prepared to change with it. We’ve translated decades of marketing fundamentals into a comprehensive strategy to grow your business.

Intellivy’s member base

Rapid Microtesting combines our business expertise with psychological insights that get to the heart of how to ensure a customer chooses your business over a competitor. With a variety of campaigns at your disposal, Intellivy positions your business to reach its true potential. The Intellivy solution gives you access to a 28,000,000 consumer base that allows your business to:

  •  Learn the reasoning behind what drives people to select your products with quantitative and qualitative analytics.
  • Generate ideas and create hypotheses, using our step-by-step guidance.
  • Validate your ideas to discover what works best for your product line.

Intellivy isn’t particularly interested in limited optimization. Intellivy wants your business to experience extreme optimization that takes your business from 20% to 80% growth. Intellivy’s primary focus is on your business’ success, and we have the expertise to make it happen.

The Amazon landscape can be hard to navigate if you don’t have the proper tools to do it. Intellivy is a one-stop company whose reason for being is to help you achieve the most out of your eCommerce business. With our wide-ranging skill set, Intellivy is ready to help your business achieve next-level status.

You have the business. Intellivy has the tools. Let’s work together to see your aspirations turn into a reality.