Market Research for the Digital Shelf

Intuition isn’t enough on Amazon. Connect to real consumers for contextual feedback your entire product lifecycle. Unlock the truth behind consumers’ behavior.

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Real Consumer Insights & Advanced AI Tech

Intellivy’s market research platform connects you with a pool of 55M real consumers, giving real contextual feedback into consumer behavior. AI-powered summaries help you get to the heart of your consumer and transform feedback into profit.

Don't assume what your customers want.
Just ask them.

"If you just assume what people want and what they like, you've already lost the battle. You need to ask them!"
Aaron Cordoves
Zulay Kitchen
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Authenticated Approach

Before a product or feature ever reaches our dashboard it is tested on real 9-figure ecom accounts. Read about the Intellivy Hivemind here.

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Accuracy Matters

Consumer feedback is incentivised for meaningful responses and our platform is tempered to deliver statistical significance. Read how Intellivy provides contextual, actionable insights.

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Lifetime Learning

Education, development, and support for your development and growth as an operator and decision maker. Click here to get on the waiting list for our Intellivy Labs launch.

Are You in Tune with Your Consumers?

Mels launched his Amazon business in 2014, collaborating with other 8- and 9-figure sellers to leverage their shared insights and expertise. Born from this collective wisdom, Intellivy offers deep consumer insights, revolutionizing data-driven e-commerce strategies. Since its wider release in 2022, Intellivy has been empowering savvy Amazon sellers with unparalleled market understanding.


Built on the expertise of

9- figure

Amazon Sellers

Member base of

Online Shoppers

Build your audience with


Segmentation Categories

Establish a Baseline

Get inside the heads of consumers. Discover purchase barriers and find consumers' needs, wants, and desires.

Test Hypotheses

Test and finetune your product or listing until you find the elements that drive purchase decisions.


Implement the elements that make your product a Home Run, and inspire consumers to purchase with confidence.

Discover What Drives Amazon Shoppers
to click and convert.

"Really understand what converts that person, and why they picked what they picked."
Prudence Millsap
Beauty by Earth
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Poll in a Real Amazon Environment

Experience the power of interactive polls. Watch members engage with your products as if they are in the actual online marketplace. Watch how your product strategy comes to life, providing invaluable, realistic feedback.

Shopping on Amazon

Mirror Your Amazon Audience

Pinpoint the exact preference of your Amazon customer, by building an audience that mirrors their characteristics. Select from 140+ categories, and choose options such as income, purchase decision makers, or health conditions.

Not Just a Winning or Losing Product
but the 'WHY' behind it.

"Deeper and more meaningful consumer insights to launch and optimize products for CTR and CVR."
Isaiah Fritz
Online Selling Partner
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In-depth Insights from Real People

Enjoy input from real people to help you find the blind spots for your product. Understand the real reason why people make their choices, and get deep insights into what makes them tick. 

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Analysis Made Easy by AI

Imagine getting valuable input from real people, that you don’t have to analyze yourself. Just leave it to the integrated AI, and get actionable insights for your product or listing. 

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Market Research at a Small Price Tag
with a BIG Impact

"Our income has increased a lot since we started using Intellivy for product design"
Jay Kamhi
Inc. 5000 Toy Designer
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