Rapid Microtesting — The key to a successful Amazon ecommerce business

Whether you are new to Amazon or you are a big-league Amazon entrepreneur, these two questions live rent-free in your mind: “Am I better than my competitors?” And: “How do I beat my competitors?” This thought process started Intellivy’s tool Rapid Microtesting — a way to understand your customers while beating your competitors. All with the goal of improving your CTR and number of (organic) sales in mind.


Keyword rank is OUT.
Rapid Microtesting is IN.

Rapid Microtesting, or RMT for short, is the heart of Intellivy’s philosophy. It’s market research but better. It’s market research without the high costs, less time-consuming, and without needing high numbers of traffic to your page.

A couple of years ago, Amazon entrepreneurs believed that the Amazon algorithm was controlled by keyword rank. At Intellivy, we know that this is not the case. Amazon’s algorithm is not just driven by keyword rank or search terms. It’s all about the recommendation engine, advertisements, emails, and much more. In other words, Amazon doesn’t just reward products with high revenue but products that add value to the customer.

This realization was the starting point of Intellivy. Years later, Intellivy has grown into what it is today — a place for like-minded Amazon entrepreneurs who want to…

  • Beat the competition fair and square;
  • Understand the customer;
  • Optimize products with feedback from the customer;
  • Improve CTR, CVR, and sales.



What is Rapid Microtesting?

RMT is not…

Rapid Microtesting is much more than this! It’s indeed a form of polling but targeted toward Amazon entrepreneurs. It includes Amazon-specific campaigns that can be run without needing a large amount of traffic, like Amazon A/B testing. It’s also less time-consuming.

Rapid — fast

It’s not a secret that the human race likes fast results. We are focused on the short term. This is where the term ‘Rapid’ arises. While Amazon A/B testing can take weeks, or even months or years, Intellivy’s RMT takes hours or days. Instant feedback from customers to make sure you don’t lose precious time. Setting up an RMT is easy. Once you understand the process, it takes no effort at all. Within hours, you receive valuable and reliable customer feedback that can be turned into profit after optimizing your product and listing.

Micro — small

Micro hints at the idea that small adjustments to your image, listing, or product can mean a big difference in terms of CTR, CVR, and sales. Intellivy is the place where you can test all these adjustments sequentially, to estimate how big their impact will be. Testing in a systematic way will allow you to implement the changes with the highest impact, and give you valuable information on what your audience really likes.

Testing — polls

It doesn’t make sense to test your product against another image of the same product. Instead, RMT implements a strategy where you test your product against your most important and relevant competitors. This will give you a clear understanding of how your main image performs compared to your competition. Are you getting the click or your competitor?




Rapid Microtesting’s environment

RMT is a simulated environment where you can mimic Amazon’s setting. Your audience will see your main image next to the ones of your relevant competitors. It will also show the number of stars, reviews, price, and bestseller badge. These elements can be modified to accurately reflect your situation.


RMT’s environment is one of its most important features, because it guarantees reliable results. Your audience will be fully immersed in the Amazon experience and choose the product they would also choose while shopping online.


Here are some other ways RMT reflects Amazon’s environment:
  • RMT is both suitable for mobile devices and desktops. RMT’s environment will adapt according to the device the audience uses, accurately reflecting Amazon.
  • There are over 28,000,000 USA people in Intellivy’s member base ready to respond to the polls you run.
  • Through RMT, the audience is consciously and subconsciously put through a simulated Amazon experience, creating a realistic situation where they need or want to buy your product. This depends on your goals.


The factors that influence a customer’s decision

It’s not just the main image that makes a customer click on your product. What about the title? The price? The number of reviews and stars? So much information in a single product tile on Amazon influences the customer consciously and subconsciously. With RMT, you will be able to take all these factors into account. This will guarantee the outcome of your polls: “Am I better than my competitors?” Who receives the clicks based on the complete product tile customers see after typing in a search term on Amazon. Rapid Microtesting doesn’t forget a thing!

The elements of the product tile, such as the title, price, number of reviews and stars, can be switched on and off, depending on your goal. For example, when focusing on optimizing your title, the price of the product can be switched off, so the audience has to focus solely on the title.


Avoid this common mistake!

Lots of Amazon ecommerce businesses use A/B testing to find out which image customers like the most. However, polling three different versions of your own product will not tell you what you want to know. Yes, you will find the best image, but what if all three of them are horrible compared to your direct competitors? You will never know unless you use RMT to set the stage and let customers choose from your product next to your competitors. This is what you need to do to find out who’s performing better.


Intellivy and Rapid Microtesting is the future of (online) retail

Besides establishing a baseline score and answering the question ‘Who’s receiving the most clicks: My competitor or me?’, Rapid Microtesting can do so much more! Here’s what else you will learn:

  • Which images from my listing are the best (secondary images)?
  • What would my customers like to see improved in my images?
  • What is the best order for my secondary images?


So be on the lookout for new features! Intellivy is currently working on all kinds of improvements for active subscribers. Think of a feature that helps you compare your listing with your competitors and so much more.

But, if we may give you one piece of advice, start with the basics of Rapid Microtesting, the four-step process of creating your best main image ever and improving your CTR and sales!

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