Amazon Shoppers: Need-Based vs. Information Gatherers

Amazon Shoppers: Need Based Versus Information Gatherers

Many Sellers don’t think enough about their intended audiences, often lumping all Amazon shoppers into one group. But not all customers are the same, and they don’t shop with the same intentions. By recognizing and understanding these differences, you can boost your sales and fine-tune marketing strategies. Knowing what drives each type of shopper allows you to create more efficiency throughout the entire Amazon product lifecycle.

What’s the Real Cost of Market Research for Amazon Sellers?

What's the Real Cost of Market Research for Amazon Sellers

So you’re an Amazon seller trying to stand out on the crowded digital shelf? We get it. Making informed decisions about product launches, pricing, and marketing strategies is crucial for success, but let’s be honest — navigating market research can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, and the expenses can quickly add up.

Unlocking Consumer Insights: The Intellivy Advantage for Amazon

Unlocking Deeper Consumer Insights The Intellivy Advantage for Amazon Sellers

At Intellivy, each poll begins by immersing respondents in a real-life scenario, effectively placing them at the heart of a decision-making moment before they even cast their vote on a potential purchase. Setting the stage transforms standard polls into a rich source of consumer insight, guiding sellers to make more informed decisions that resonate deeply with their target market.