The Story Behind Intellivy, the Best Tool for Amazon Sellers

intellivy team
To survive in the world of Amazon, you must always be a few steps ahead: outpacing the competition and the algorithms. We’re already there, and our goal is to assist sellers who are ready to join us in this new era of e-commerce.

Intellivy was created with a goal to make Amazon sellers more skilled in the dynamic and evolving e-commerce environment. Our mission is to help you reach your main goal as a seller – generating maximum revenue per customer and increase customer satisfaction.

After years of research and Amazon experience, we have created a few services and products tailored specifically for Amazon sellers. Among them is Rapid Microtesting – a technique that employs a ready member base to swiftly validate several variations of your Amazon product listing to discover the best-selling alternative in a matter of hours.

In this blog, we will share our story with you, so you can get to know us better and understand what really drives us.

What Is Intellivy?

Intellivy is a SaaS platform developed for Amazon sellers. Our company was established in 2018 and is based in the Netherlands, but operates in the U.S. market. The development of this platform was inspired by our own experience of selling on Amazon, and helps users test their products, product ideas, and Amazon-listing assumptions using an Amazon-specific environment. We have a variety of campaigns that you can use throughout the whole product life cycle, strategies, and step-by-step manuals and guides to help you get the most out of the platform and your Amazon business.

Our History

When Mels, our founder, launched his Amazon e-commerce business in 2014, he quickly understood that data is critical to succeed on Amazon. Mels has a background in technology, marketing, and sales, as well as a keen interest in algorithms, data science, and human psychology. His quest was to better understand the Amazon algorithm, and apply that knowledge to become a better Amazon seller.

This resulted in the creation of software tools that were not previously accessible on the market. He was partly motivated by a desire to understand and forecast trends, but primarily by a desire to see partners’ brands prosper on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. Mels and his partners were able to expand, with over 1 billion USD in yearly sales and a successful launch over 1000 Amazon products.

In 2018, Mels was involved in the formation of an invitation-only mastermind group, in which software tools and formulated methods were crucial to beating the competition. To help more Amazon sellers, Mels opted to open the Intellivy doors in 2022.

What Makes Intellivy the Best Tool for Amazon Sellers?

The goal of Intellivy was to create a new dominating group of Amazon sellers who would enter the big league of e-commerce. Now, Intellivy screens a couple of hundred thousand listings daily, extracting valuable insights for the benefit of sellers.

We know where and how Amazon is evolving. In our journey, we’ve analyzed tons of data and were able to predict where the Amazon algorithm was going to go next.

As Amazon sellers ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be to conquer the competition. That’s why we decided to take control of our future by forming our membership base to quickly establish whether our ideas are viable.

After years of building our membership and fine-tuning our technique, our concept, dubbed Rapid Microtesting, is now accessible to help you with the challenges you experience as an Amazon Seller. So, what exactly is Rapid Microtesting?

What is Microtesting and How Can It Help You Sell Better?

Success won’t be achieved with another simple, limited tool for Amazon listings. As opposed to traditional methods of testing products — split tests, Pickfu tests, polling, and surveys — we offer a broader and much more strategic approach. While the usual ways to test listings and launch products take too long, offer too little insights, and are not very reflective of actual customer feedback, we have employed a different approach.

Firstly, in the Intellivy platform we focus on creating an Amazon-specific environment that is very close to the actual platform to test your listings. It allows you to obtain valuable customer insights to truly understand their preferences and patterns.

Additionally, we offer a strategy behind any polling or campaign, along with the step-by-step manuals for sellers to help them in the platform and on Amazon. The value of such approach is that we dive deeper into your brand, your audience, and your competitors to bring hidden insights to your side.

The Intellivy membership base has 28,000,000+ members from the United States. Our members provide their honest opinion and aren’t scared to tell you where you can improve.
They not only let you know which option they prefer, they also tell you why. You can then use this information to improve your listing or even your product itself. The result is the establishment of a solid base for your Amazon brand that beats the competition and boosts your CTR.

Rapid Microtesting is the most effective technique to accelerate growth, improve organic CTR, and achieve exceptional ROI. Intellivy mimics the Amazon buyer experience to generate an ultra-realistic representation of how your product is likely to perform in the real world.