Unlocking Consumer Insights: The Intellivy Advantage for Amazon

Unlocking Deeper Consumer Insights The Intellivy Advantage for Amazon Sellers

Getting to know your customers and what they think about your Amazon listing isn’t just important — it’s practically survival of the fittest with digital shopping carts. Each piece of consumer insight, that unlocks what your customers are thinking can be that secret sauce to propel your products to the top of the search results and drive measurable conversions. This is where Intellivy emerges not just as another e-commerce optimization tool, but as a game-changer in the realm of market research and consumer feedback.

Going Beyond Traditional A/B Testing and Polling

Conducting polls, launching A/B tests, and utilizing Amazon’s Data Analytics are crucial tools in an Amazon seller’s arsenal. They offer quick, decisive data collection to guide you in choices between imagery, keywords, and pricing. Yet, a common hurdle many face with traditional optimization platforms and basic metrics is their reliance on binary feedback. You know it all too well — those “yes” or “no” responses that offer no context or understanding of why they made that selection. Sometimes they can lead to more questions than clear answers because, while straightforward and efficient, this type of feedback can fall short when sharing the full picture of consumer behaviors and preferences. There’s a lack of depth and nuance that can be incredibly valuable in your decision-making. A 2019 Harvard Business Review piece says it best: “Reviews can be misleading if they provide an incomplete snapshot of experiences.”

Our market research platform incorporates that foundational binary feedback but we enrich it with situational insights – ideal for the digital shelf. Think of it as a 360-degree consumer feedback channel that gives you clear insight and understanding into a consumer’s interaction with your listing. Sellers are able to take a look at comprehensive marketplace simulations, which offer a unique opportunity to understand how products are performing in scenarios that closely mimic the real-world Amazon marketplace. It’s not a simple testing tool; it’s a holistic decision-making companion that will guide sellers through the complexities of the space with real insights and data. Consider us your cheat sheet for knowing exactly what your audience is thinking – no more throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks (unless you’re selling spaghetti, then keep on!). 

Intellivy’s Feedback Approach with Situational Insights

Imagine you’re faced with choosing between two restaurants for dinner tonight. You enjoy both spots and the foods they offer, but it’s the context — like what time it is, how you’re feeling, and other factors — that will likely guide your choice. Maybe you’ve just had Italian last night and aren’t in the mood for it again. Or maybe the thought of swapping your comfy gym gear for something more formal doesn’t appeal today. The situational backdrop of our choices plays a crucial role in the decisions we make, and this is just as true when it comes to making purchases. 

Situational insights are incredibly important as they offer a deep dive into the preferences and desires of respondents based on the context that you, as a seller, set. Peter-Paul, Intellivy’s VP of Sales says, “This feature is crucial for understanding the audience’s wants, needs, and desires in a specific scenario, even before they see the product options.” 

By combining binary feedback with situational insights, sellers can gain a more holistic view of their audience. This blend of qualitative and qualitative data highlights not just consumer preferences (which image is more click-worthy), but the context behind those preferences (it showed something I preferred). 

Real Consumer Insights in Real-Time for Amazon Sellers

At Intellivy, each poll begins by immersing respondents in a real-life scenario, effectively placing them at the heart of a decision-making moment before they even cast their vote on a potential purchase. Setting the stage transforms standard polls into a rich source of consumer insight, guiding sellers to make more informed decisions that resonate deeply with their target market. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Create a Poll: Select which optimization test you’d like to run and initiate that poll. Gather your images, keywords, or whatever else you may need to launch it.
  • Set the Scenario: Using Intellivy’s AI tool, input key description to craft the backdrop. For a “phone mount for car” product, you might enter “phone mount for car GPS use.” The AI then proposes three scenarios to choose from. Select the ones that best aligns with your vision. For example, “ Imagine if you were looking for a phone mount in your car, to be able to call handsfree, or use navigation.” This primes respondents to think from the perspective of someone aiming to use the mount for GPS or calls. 
  • Gather Situation Clarity: Every poll page features a “Situational Clarity” metric, assessing how well participants understood the scenario and its relevance to their actual needs. It’s ranked from 1-5, with 5 being the most clear.
  • Deeper Questioning: Respondents are asked more questions to find out what they find to be crucial in situations like the one you posted. This kind of insight is gold as it tells you not just which product or image they may choose but also their why. You’ll have more consumer insight into features that matter most to them. Following the earlier scenario, feedback might highlight preferences for windshield mounts over AC vent mounts, or dashboard holders that don’t obstruct air vents and keep the phone within the driver’s line of sight without compromising visibility.
  • Leverage Insights: Now that you have a more nuanced understanding thanks to the context you’ve set, you’re positioned to pinpoint opportunities. Whether it’s showcasing mounting options in your marketing materials or considering a future product iteration, these insights are gold. As Peter-Paul notes, “Such insights are pivotal in crafting strategies that resonate with what the audience genuinely values.” 

Intellivy is designed for Amazon sellers of all sizes and our goal is to help you spend less time figuring out how to get the insights you need and more time using that information to grow your business. This isn’t about casting a wide net with questions and hoping for a meaningful catch. It’s about precision — posing the right questions and situations to get the insights you need to improve your listing. This is the Intellivy advantage. While binary feedback has been an essential element of e-commerce optimization, the integration of situational insights, and multi-faceted contextual feedback, turns your insight loop into a treasure trove of actional data. For Amazon sellers steering through the competitive marketplace, this comprehensive compass is not just an edge — it’s a game-changer.