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Get high-converting products and listings through feedback from real people.

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Turn data into revenue with Rapid Microtesting

A powerful marketplace simulation tool to grow your Amazon business

Potential customers always see your product among similar competitor listings. Intellivy helps you optimize, finetune and test in a simulated market environment to get the best-performing product presentation possible.

No more gut feeling, but data-driven product presentations that ensure people will pick your product over your competitors.

Take the Lead: Find Out How Shoppers Interact with Your Products
in Simulated Marketplace Polls!

Create your own polls to discover shopping behavior and get recommendations to improve your Amazon listings

  • Simulate the marketplace
  • Analyze results against your competition
  • Filter audience by location, age, gender, and more
  • Get quick results in less than 60 minutes
  • Take notes and manage everything with our intuitive dashboard

Ready, Set, Launch: Ask What People Think Before Taking the Plunge!

Uncover what design attracts customers and sells by asking real buyers before you start selling

  • Choose the best color, design, and packaging for your product 
  • Select the best images for your listing
  • Craft high-converting copy 
  • Uncover the optimal product price

Unlock Your Listing's Potential: Optimize Your Listings for Maximum Results!

Use proven strategies empowered with customer data to drive sales and craft the ideal listing.

  • Strategic, rapid micro-testing
  • Algorithm-based optimization
  • Real-time feedback
  • Increased CTR

Gain Data Insights
from 320K Consumers!

Analyze human-driven data to improve your Amazon listings according to the exact wishes of your audience.

  • Data from 320K shoppers
  • Access to competitors’ data
  • Enhanced results based on polls

Get the Knowledge You Need:
Access the Training Center!

Browse the knowledge center and learn ways to increase your CTR, CVR, and sales

  • Step-by-step SOPs
  • Knowledge base and FAQs
  • Dedicated support team

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320k+ consumers are waiting to respond to your questions

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, or you have an entire team behind your e-commerce business, we have the right polling tool for you.

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Marketplace Poll

This poll is designed to compare your product against your competitors in a realistically simulated marketplace. You get instant feedback and a ton of insights.

Competitive Comparison Poll

Consider this poll as your online testing ground to test multiple images, titles, etc. to see what wins so you can start taking market share from your competitors.

Ranking Comparison

The user has to rank images to the best order based on the question.

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