Master Your Amazon Fundamentals And Improve Your CTR

Soaring high above your competition is not about luck. Success on Amazon isn’t found overnight. It can’t be achieved by a hack or a magic tool. Instead, success on Amazon is hard work that starts by building a solid foundation. It sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked by both newbie and established sellers. Don’t make the same mistakes! Implement the three principles of The Amazon Fundamentals to increase your CTR and leave your competition in the dust.

The Amazon Fundamentals are based on the following three principles:

  1. Source your product with confidence
  2. Craft and optimize your listing
  3. Get the clicks

This blog will discuss all three principles of The Amazon Fundamentals. Continue reading to become a master and increase your CTR

Source With Confidence

Becoming a top Amazon seller starts before your first customer has purchased a product from you. In fact, your journey to becoming a successful, 8-figure Amazon seller starts the moment a product idea pops into your head. After you’ve had another shiny, new idea, it’s important to explore whether it’s a profitable opportunity. At this point, the process of validating your product starts. This process is separate from the one where you collect data on the profitability, demand, and competition. No less important, but it looks at the feasibility of your product from the completely different point of view. There is a lot of information to find on the internet on the financial aspect of sourcing a product. In this blog, we are focusing on the customer. Because, when it comes down to it, the customers will make or break your product.

Validating your product based on the opinion of your future customers
Opinions are not a strong foundation to build your product sourcing process on. Unless it’s the opinion of your customers. Then, it’s data. Valuable data! The trick to extract the information you need from a lengthy opinion and analyze it systematically. With the right strategy, the audience representing your future customers will tell you exactly what they think without blinking an eye. Such is the nature of anonymity on the world wide web.

By validating your product with your target audience before ordering inventory, you will save a lot of money. You will avoid unnecessary costs by making sure that your product resonates with customers. The chance of a failed product, including the financial loss, can be averted by simply investing in the opinion of your customers.

Typically, gathering data on the opinions op your customers takes time (e.g. months), not to mention, money. Looking for participants, interviewing focus groups. To speed up this process, Intellivy was created! Intellivy has a large, online platform that includes thousands of customers who are waiting to share their opinion on your product.

Craft And Optimize Your Listing

Crafting an Amazon listing can be approached in a similar way to sourcing a new product. Start with the customer. Instead of listening to your instinct or gut feeling, base the design and copy of your listing on cold, hard facts. These facts can be collected from your future customers — your most reliable source.

The first thing a customer sees while looking for a product to buy on Amazon is your main image. Think of it as an old-fashioned shop window. Customers are looking, judging, deciding. So think ten steps ahead of your customers. What will seize the attention of your customer? Use this data to create a main image your customers simply cannot ignore.

The key to this approach lies in data collection and analysis. It needs to be systematic and thorough and standardized. Learn more about a data-driven approach in this blog. Intellivy has created a platform that helps your collect and analyse the data you need to blow your customers away with your main image and listing.

Get The Clicks

The trap of your own point of view
High chance you’ve made a main image before. Or you had one made by a great designer. It looked amazing and your colleagues agreed, but once you added it to your listing you found out it wasn’t as good as you expected.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. We have been there before as well. It is super easy to fall into the trap of “your own point of view”. You made the image you thought was perfect and asked teammates for a second, third, and even fourth opinion before uploading it. Even if you are a very empathic person, you can’t read minds. The people you know may like it, but it is hard to know exactly what your audience is looking for.

The best way to learn what your audience wants is to ask them. If you don’t want to start at zero by uploading a different main image every week, we recommend involving your audience first.

How Intellivy can help to improve your organic CTR

Imagine you make up to 5 variations of your main image and you ask your audience to vote which one they think is best. This way you can find out which main image your potential customers are looking for the most. You will know what they focus on in the image.

You can use this knowledge to create a new set of variations. Or you can grab the winning image(s) and test them against the main images of your competitors. Does the audience vote for yours the most? Then you’ve got an image that will definitely grab attention in the marketplace.

Tapping into your audience to know what they think will cost you some time. But in the end, it will save you time: you won’t have to experiment after launch. Get the best possible main image and content before even launching your product. You will grab attention from the start, giving you a higher click through rate than your average newly launched product.

Why use Intellivy
You can use Intellivy to understand what your target audience thinks. Our member base is built out of 28,000,000 members from the United States. They give their honest opinion and aren’t scared to let you know you could do better.

When setting up your test, you can choose the audience that fits your product. This includes gender, age, and interests.

After the members have voted for the best image, they also get asked to explain their choice in an open question. This gives you very in depth information which you can use to not only improve your content, but the product itself too!

By combining the three principles of The Amazon Fundamentals, you will build a solid foundation for your Amazon brand. It will help you to beat the competition and increase your CTR.